Printing, Mounting, Lamination and Finishing


forex materialMaterials used for printing and mounting onto include:





Lamination involves applying on one or both sides of paper a thin layer of plastic, which enhances the finish as well as making it tougher. The main difference between encapsulation and lamination is that lamination does not seal the edges so it is
not as durable. We use Satin lamination which is UV light inhibiting and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.



Encapsulation is when printed material is sealed in plastic.
This involves applying two layers of plastic, one each side
which bond to the material and have a seal around the edge.
This edge seal prevents dirt, moisture etc from being able
to penetrate the material. We use Gloss encapsulation.

summa plotterPlotting


We have a Summa plotter for vinyl cutting of signs,
letters and logos etc. Suitable for vehicle signage.



Hemming and eyelets.


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